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Our Firm

Our Firm

A longstanding history of unlocking possibilities

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Established in 2010

Having 10 years of experience in the areas of Intellectual Property (IP), International Contracts, Commercial, Corporate & Criminal Law.

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Global Presence

Outstanding global footprints expanded through experienced Consultants & Lawyers.

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Our team of professionals include qualified Lawyers, Consultants & Attorneys.

Dani & Dani has been providing legal services to domestic and international clients for more than 10 years. Having wide-ranging sophisticated legal services has helped us to meet the diverse needs of our clients. An internationally recognized law firm specializing in Corporate, Commercial, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property and International Contracts.

We bring together top-notch litigation, monitoring & dispute resolution experience and a global network of practitioners to deliver effective legal services. Being the hub for litigation, protection, monitoring, registration and enforcement; our reliance is not only on knowledge but also the global perspective to help clients in every way possible.

Our history is not just about successful legal advisors – rather attorneys who over a period of 10 years have played their role in bringing Dani & Dani to where it is today. We are a mix of a world-class team of strong practitioners, skillful consultants and experienced attorneys that work on the same wavelength; dedicated to help numerous domestic and international companies, institutions and everything in between to go beyond. We get to the heart of the matter with easy to understand advice and taking care of all the legal issues. Dani & Dani realizes and makes every effort to avoid exploitation of patent, copyright, design and trademark rights through registration, monitoring, enforcement, litigation & protection.

Our experienced attorneys leverage their expertise in IP to advise a broad spectrum of corporate actions helping clients make the most of their opportunities, achieve business goals and close deals with confidence.

Our Approach

Dani & Dani is driven by 3 core principles: Professionalism, Cost-Consciousness and Confidentiality.

A client-focused law firm willing to go the extra mile through multi-jurisdictional support in diverse sectors. We strive to be adaptive, insightful and completely dedicated to delivering results that matter most to our clients. Dani & Dani recognizes the importance of investing in relationships that are built on trust.

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Client-Centered Services

Dani & Dani stands out with exceptional legal advisors who believe in exceeding all expectations through expertise on a full spectrum of IP matters. From patenting to trademarks, we have been helping our clients embrace new opportunities. We work together with our clients on bringing clarity to complex matters with strategic and complex commercial, criminal, cybercrime and international contracts law support.

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Cost-Efficient Business Relationship

Since we first began in 2010, Dani & Dani has been true to its roots, meaning we partner with the best attorneys in the world to provide cost-effective jurisdictional support. We provide vital assistance and guidance in almost every aspect of your business, from essential compliance, trademark advice and formal business litigation through cost-effective approaches. We prioritize you.