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You create it, we protect it!

Dani & Dani believes that your trademark, tradename, brand, slogans and logos are valuable assets that set you apart; to protect your valuable assets and their market position is where our Trademark Attorneys come in. Our internationally recognized Trademark Lawyers make sure that you’re protected from infringement or theft of your mark by all means possible. Also, our professional consultants working at Dani & Dani provide you with the most efficient legal advice. Our attorneys ensure favorable outcomes be it office action before Intellectual Property Organization, litigation before Intellectual Property Tribunal or any other forum our attorney thrive to represent your interests.

When it comes to Trademark registration, before filing a trademark application our qualified lawyers perform a comprehensive search to determine whether your proposed trademark is available. We're committed to providing our clients with cost competitive yet reliable representation, both in and out-of-court proceedings. Whether you need foreign trademark protection, nationwide trademark protection, or trademark protection in World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), we ensure that your legal matters will be handled expertly with full responsibility.

We’re trusted for our experience!

Being one of the most competitive Intellectual Property law firms, our attorneys strive to provide trustworthy, high quality and on-time services to our clients globally. From copyright registration to licensing; filing to prosecution and negotiation to application drafting, our copyright attorneys are ready to assist you. We are more than intellectual property lawyers & litigators, if your company is making essential business decisions on copyright or other IP matters, our legal advisors can provide you with valuable insight & guidance.

Our experienced attorneys help clients in taking right steps to ensure safety of their copyrights. We have a proven track record of quality representation in Intellectual Property matters. Our copyright attorneys & legal advisors work closely with clients & ensure to maximize opportunities for favorable settlements. Whether it is a matter of copyright infringement, opposition to registration or defending cancellation our lawyers are always at your service.

We safeguard your visionary ideas!

At Dani & Dani, our team of expert lawyers & consultants assist international & local businesses & entrepreneurs in obtaining patent protection worldwide. We are known as one of the best & leading IP law firms providing legal help in patent search, registration, filling, renewal & protection. We are committed to providing our clients with affordable & effective legal services. Our patent attorneys can expertly handle legal matters that arise in ownership & development of a patent portfolio, with patent licensing, patent litigation & application preparation.

Our attorneys assist clients in a variety of drafting, such as reply to office action and drafting detailed patent contracts while guiding them through their patentability & rights. Also, we serve as extended, trusted members for the international and local companies working seamlessly together to build and protect their Intellectual Property assets such as patents. With our exceptional consultation, we have helped multiple firms globally in securing their rights.

We take care of your rights!

Our design attorneys focus on securing sustainable & enforceable design rights that protect your company’s objectives. Having years of experience in litigation, we help Companies in protecting their unique product & packaging design while keeping their ownership right safe. On top of this, being a world-class law firm, we provide the best & affordable legal assistance in design law, design protection, and registration services. Our team of lawyers provide modern and expert counseling on design protection and design filling through cost-effective strategies. In conjunction with this, we've filed numerous designs for businesses ranging from international companies to SMEs ensuring their rights are fully protected.

Our industrial design attorneys & legal consultants are not only experts in design law but are also well versed in related aspects of intellectual property law which ensures to secure your interest. We provide our clients with comprehensive industrial design services, direct filing, and prosecution services for design patent applications.

Navigating the complexities of cybercrime!

Dani & Dani is recognized as one of the best & leading cybercrime law firms. Our team of expert attorneys & legal consultants have vast experience in protecting your intellectual Property in this modern digital age where your IP is in immense threat. We help clients worldwide in choosing the right tactics & protection strategies while representing & assuring successful prosecution of cases of cybercrime both internationally and locally. Our IP lawyers are consistently delivering favorable results to protect the rights of well-known firms, brands & entrepreneurs.

We ensure to take a rational approach to identify potential risks & opportunities associated with cybercrime cases. Our legal service providers will defend you against different cases of cybercrime including online intellectual property theft, cyber copyright, design and trademark infringement, identity theft of IP, hacking of your Intellectual Property and so on. If you’re under suspicion for alleged illegal cybercrime, our consultants will help you undergo the entire legal process. Choosing to work with our professional team of lawyers & legal helpers means you can put your legal issues in trusted hands.

We don’t stop until we protect it!

Our Intellectual Property lawyers are legal professionals specializing in providing services to protect IP rights. Having a team of experienced litigators, we help clients in securing their innovations & in maintaining a strong market position by protecting their trade secrets. Also, our trade secret attorneys develop strategies to preserve the value of proprietary information and combat the misuse of intellectual property rights. We help clients by protecting their secrets used in trade through various techniques such as using data protection laws, drafting the agreements covering non-disclosure & confidentiality, formulate strategies to prevent unnecessary disclosure, and recover theft of trade secrets by current, former & future employees.

Other than this, our trade secret attorneys safeguard IP rights, assist clients in the process, navigate proceeding and prepare agreements for industrial secrets. If your trade secret has been stolen & revealed to others, our infringement lawyers will advise you on your options. We can help in taking instant action to limit the loss & protect your interests.

We protect & defend!

Dani & Dani is recognized as one of the best & leading law firms, covering all Intellectual property litigation services including Patent litigation, Trademark, Cyber Crime, Customs Litigation actions & Criminal Enforcement actions. Our experts help & provide legal advice to clients about the best ways possible to protect their existing intellectual property rights. Whether you need legal service in business formation, contracts, licensing or litigation, IP litigation lawyers are always available.

Our consultation team has a wide array of experience in obtaining favorable judgments. Also, our strong background in trademark, patent & copyright law gives us a deeper understanding of the litigation arena. With our focus on rights protection, we assist in Intellectual property litigation action including cancellation, non-use cancellation, infringement actions, criminal prosecution action or damages and losses collection actions on legal matters.

We make registration simple!

We’re experts in intellectual property law and ensure to get you the outcome you deserve. Our IP registration lawyers provide trademark, patent, copyright and design registration service globally at affordable rates. With extensive exposure & experience of practicing in the filing and pursuing of the application, we manage the IP registration process expertly. Not only this, we're accustomed to overcoming challenges and successfully pursuing applications to registration. The aim of our lawyers is to provide you with the widest protection possible so your brand maintains its distinctiveness & exclusiveness in the market.

We assist clients in developing a registration strategy that best fits their needs. Our litigators & legal consultants provide clients with filing services globally, consultation throughout the registration process, and hassle-free registration. We are an expert law firm and with a deep understanding of registration process, we support our clients at every step of their registration.

Let us take care of your IP rights

Our enforcement experts help clients to enforce their trademark, patent, copyright & design rights against the infringers and counterfeiters. We defend your rights against the attack towards dilution of you IP rights by ensuring from successful search, investigation and prosecution. Other than this, our enforcement team work closely with learned Intellectual Property counsel and attorneys for successful trial to provide our clients with expert litigation support throughout the legal process. Our attorneys & consultants have technical & legal experience and with this, they do not only help clients to protect & identify their threats, but also help them in reaping positive results – whether by helping negotiate deals that generate license revenue or through IP enforcement or policing branding rights.

At Dani & Dani, we collaborate with our clients to find out the true spirit of their new invention and achieve durable legal protection and recognition of intellectual property. Our best & affordable team of attorneys works tirelessly to make sure that our clients receive the protection they deserve, both internationally & domestically. We do not only help in enforcing rights against existing & potential infringers to the fullest extent permissible by law, but also help in overcoming attacks on the validity of IP registered rights.

We will go the extra mile for you!

Dani & Dani is a law firm with in-depth knowledge & understanding of international contract law. Our legal team consults and advises on a wide range of contracts. We ensure to deliver robust international contracts that manage risk effectively & help your company to achieve its strategic goal. Dani & Dani has a global network of trusted affiliates and we collaborate with them to get the best results for our clients. Our internationally recognized lawyers & consultants make sure that your interest is always protected while giving you commercially focused advice.

Whether it is a case of international breach of contract, potential disputes between parties of a contract, termination of a contract or to prepare new ones such as sales contract, management contract or simply a selling and purchase agreement, we will strategically litigate & represent your legal matters in court. The potential of our international contract lawyers during negotiation is remarkably compelling. So, if you’re struggling with such cases, just search “contract lawyer near me” and our legal assistance will get back to you shortly.

Speedy conclusion to commercial disputes!

Our team of litigation lawyers & consultants believe that commercial disputes can be distressing, damaging, hence, understandably we take legal issues smoothly out of your life. We provide full commercial dispute resolution services that protect your businesses and assets. Other than this, our commercial litigation attorneys are known for winning & achieving fair results for clients all across the globe. Plus, we help clients in maximizing their commercial value, providing legal aid in buying & selling of assets, and help in developing an exit strategy if need be.

Before providing any alternative legal solution, our litigators & advisors assess your commercial cases carefully, minimize business risk, and identify contractual dangers while ensuring regulatory compliance. We also provide legal help in commercial property disputes, tax, technology, and lease contract clashes. We are passionate about what we do and hence provide our clients with game-changing commercial solutions.

Overcome legal nightmares with us!

We’re a team of experienced lawyers offering legal consultation & representation of interest at reasonable charges. Having years of experience in litigation and consultation, our lawyers provide sound, expert legal advice with reliable representation. We are experienced & committed to solving your legal matters while meeting your company’s mission. Whether you’re seeking tax advice, revising an agreement, preparing a negotiation, buying/selling asset, assessing a deal or need consultation on commercial, corporate or partnership matters, our team will explain the whole process with clarity while maintaining professional and international standards.

If you have an immediate need for legal aid, Dani & Dani should be your choice. We assist clients with intellectual property disputes, divorce, child custody matters, real estate disputes, and filing various kinds of civil and criminal lawsuits.